Feature Requests

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Axis-specific tiling (x-axis, y-axis or both) (1)
Hide cursor while on canvas (at all times) (2)
Line stabilizer (2)
Confirmation prompt when closing if not saved as .ora or similar (1)
Simulate Textured Canvas and Similar Mediums (7)
Flat brush (9)
Move ovals while creating them (1)
Add a port for phones and tablets plz (1)
Feature request: Allow uploading/saving of Brush Icon images (4)
Appimage? (1)
Add Selection Tools ( 2 ) (28)
Fullscreen mode as fullscreen canvas (no hover menu in fullscreen) (5)
Basic support for animation (5)
Feature request: manually enter values for brush, layer, shortcut increments, and other numerically based settings (1)
"Pick" Hue/Chroma/Luma independently from canvas (3)
Wish mypaint add a recording painting script function. Very useful (7)
Possible feature? (3)
Add Support for Windows Ink (7)
Wash mode like in krita for brushes (9)
CMYK mode (3)
Seamless, repeating pattern mode [WIP] (7)
New Input Type: Angle of Attack (9)
Cineon DPX file format support (1)
Combined Brushes and Brush Randomizer (5)
Destructive Layer Filters (3)
"Brush names" vs "roles" (14)
Add Support for Multi Touch Gestures (6)
Implement Software Cursors (8)
Layer Transformation (7)