Add Selection Tools

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I’ve always wanted to know and have always wondered, why are there no selection tools, I’m EXTREMELY GREATFUL for the one that’s in MyPaint 1.2.0, but, all we can do is move a drawing on a separate layer, well it’s more of a move tool. Are there any plans to implement selection tools in future builds? By selection tools I mean example a lasso tool, so I can select, cut and paste a portion of my drawing, magic wand etc…

I mainly use windows, so maybe there are some on Linux…?


Possible feature?

Rectangular select for cut-and-paste is probably really easy. Extracting to another layer so that the existing move tool can chew on it is only a little bit harder.

Anyway, it’s already reported and anyone interested should probably follow the issue tracker request:

Lasso tool is harder because it involves selection masks, rather than rectangular regions. But we do have some established ways of representing and showing similar things (the stroke picker blink shape is “just a layer”, and the strokemap is “just a bunch of mask regions”…)

Magic wand selection is moderately hard and requires selection masks, but we have the fill implementation needed to generate the selection. That’s a pretty major part of the puzzle already.

One of the harder things to implement is getting the brush engine to respect our selection areas, and only paint within it. Oh, and fill needs to do that as well! Oh, and paste should paste into the selected area! :laughing:
In other words, getting everything everyone might want implemented in one go won’t be possible. But work is scheduled to start soon. :construction_worker:


I know it’s a lot of work and thank you very much for the detailed response. I personally want MyPaint to be a strong contender to SketchBook Pro, and in my humble opinion, for what MyPaint is, all we need is a selection tool and we are there


This is the feature that is most needed to make it as useful as any other paint program. The ability to select a region, move, rotate and scale it means that you can compose elements in the image, place them where they should be as apposed to where you happened to draw them. This is what would stop someone from deciding that they can’t use MyPaint for serious illustration work ATM since placement and positioning of elements is half the work. I would make it a priority over other features.


Right now, MyPaint dose have the ability to open a layer into a External App that can support “png” files. So a work around for this would be to open a layer in GIMP, or Krita for example and use the selection tool on there. I would love to see selection tools in a future MyPaint, but currently at least it can play nice with other programs which can at least alleviates the problem.


Okay, that sounds like a workflow that can work, I’ll give it a go.


That is awesome, works very well. For the time being it is quite an acceptable solution. For anyone else, the procedure is to select the layer you wish to edit, RMB and choose ‘edit layer in external app’. Then choose from a list of apps.
The layer then opens in that app, you make your changes save the result. Back in MyPaint, RMB the layer and choose "Update layer with external edits’.

Layer Transformation

Thanks for the summary, djwaterman, but please could you translate “RMB” to newbies?

I would like to say that, as a general principle, It doesn’t help any cause to make it closed jargon to insiders or experienced people only, when I would say there is a huge need of making the use of this wonderful program as popular as possible, given the truly amazing potential to make the rest of us just forget about whatever “Windows only” fancy names!
Thanks again!


To edit a layer in an external program the procedure is to select the layer you wish to edit, Press the Right Mouse Button and choose ‘edit layer in external app’. Then choose from a list of apps.The layer then opens in that app, you make your changes save the result. Back in MyPaint, Right Mouse Button on the layer and choose "Update layer with external edits’.


Adding my vote for selection/manipulation tools. The other program workaround is usable but I would prefer to stay in the one app. Sketchbook pro has one of the best selection/manipulation methods I have used thus far.

Thank you for the work that has been done thus far on this wonderful art tool.


You can also duplicate the layer, erase everything on the duplicate that you don’t want to move, and then move the layer.


Yeah that’s the method I’ve always been using. Works great as well.


Until you need to scale or rotate something. It’s also quite inconvenient when you have to erase a very large area.

I’d be content with a rectangular selection if you could scale and rotate it.


I use the external-programs method a lot actually.
I spend most of my time in mypaint, but most of my images see at least some time in other programs.

Btw for erasing large areas from within mypaint, you can use the Destination Out and similar blend layers (inside a layer group and then convert the layer group to a normal painting layer. I use “Destination In” a lot, I really love it.

My process is usually: sketch in mypaint, ink in mypaint, run potrace on the inks, tweak the now vectorized inks in inkscape (usually not needed, but here’s where I could fix something like a head being too big or similar), set up color “flats” in inkscape, convert those flats to layer groups with Destination In, and then color it in mypaint (keeping the inks as a vector layer, but possibly painting over them / blending with them).


Also, in between the sketch and the inks, I sometimes enlarge the image, change the pencils to light blue or red etc. I do this in external program, either gimp or inkscape (with the sketch as an embedded image in a vector layer) works fine. If I want any speech balloons, panel lines etc I add them in this step, too – yes, before the inks and colors. Weird but true.


Yeah that about sums up how I do it as well so I guess it’s not weird. I love the open layer in external app. It opens up so many possibilities. I wish more applications added this feature. However this should be continued in another thread so we don’t steer this topic off. ^^’


Open in another app is a good feature, but I’m not a huge fan of using it in place of native selection and transformation tools. For one, running two applications takes precious resources from my non-expandable computer. (Stupid Cintiq… apparently you can add more memory, but you will void the warranty and scratch it) Two, you have to do the edit out of context of the entire image.

Setting up a group, making a copy of your layer, moving it into the group, creating a new layer, setting it to destination out, painting in what you want to keep, merging everything… it’s a rather roundabout way of doing things, especially if you like to shuffle things about a lot.

What I’m trying to do here is to send a message to the developers that this user at least, would be grateful for a very simple select and transform solution. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about free-form selection, magic wand, or keeping brushes within the selection. A rudimentary rectangular selection will go very far.


There could be other interesting ways but, magic wand selection has to exist before those. Like krita’s ‘same color selection’ for example.


I would very much like that, at the moment im switching between and MyPaint for the selection tools which is very annoying


Good morning Mypainter,
I have two video made to show :
Why do we not Necessarily a selection tools need.



I think the bucket tool should get new Future