An unfinished fantasy gladiator arena

Now a long time user of MyPaint. I like to acknowledge what a handy - excellent digital paint tool it is. Finally started using version 2 - nice. I had to wait a bit as my old main drawing tablet was incompatible with newer Linux kernel s.
Attached is an old sketch idea I had, which I started created a full form rendering in MyPaint.
I had to set it aside - not sure if or when I will get back to it. It has a ways to go. No references were used, which is a slower process. I have a back log of ideas and an itch to do more real paint painting, with stuff waiting.

To the MyPaint team, I like and use other digital art software - oft in combination, but none give me a compelling reason to replace MyPaint as the go to - no miss, no fuss get it done program. Virtually everything I do digitally starts and finishes in MyPaint, with rare exceptions. As I don’t have the patience to try to make MyPaint work with my UGEE drawing tablet in Windows, it means I jump to Linux a lot, which demonstrates just how much I like the MyPaint work environment. It also helps that I like Linux a lot, but obviously easier to stay on one partition, but it’s worth the partition jumping!


Amazing as always!

It’s a good day when you upload. :wink:

that’s a very goodjob

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