AppImage builds


Is there anyone on the build team willing to produce unstable AppImage builds to test any new progress?

We’ve got AppImage GIMP 2.95, Krita 3.12, and a bunch more.


Technically we do have an appimages build implemented in Travis. We just don’t have a place to put them yet. So the build system is there we just need find a place to release it.


Here is an link appimage of the latest build if you want to test it out on Linux:


How about a secondary build with GLIBC 2.24 as a baseline? I mean the kernel requirement is 3.2 and newer. 2.15 is very old.


I think that will be fixed once we update our Travis Builds to use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Right now our builds are using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I’m going to try to update them on my fork this week. If they pass, I’ll push the new files to master which will update the glibc to 2.23 from what I can tell. Sadly I think we’re going to stick to LTS for now.

In other news, I did update the appimage scripts to correctly name the files so we know which commit they come from. Here’s the newest build for example.

Long name, but at least if someone opens a bug report, all the version info we need is in the filename.


Okay so I read they are not officially going to support 16.04 LTS any time soon. The only other option is to use docker and use its apt repository. I’ll play around with and see what we can do.