Bleke's squiggles

I would like to see more of what people do with MyPaint. But I can’t really complain as long as I don’t show any myself.

I began doing daily drawings 20 days ago. I’ll just post some that turned out alright.


Trying to use more colours than I usually do.

Pretty good video about the subject:


Anatomical study

Troy Fumbler lives in Pothole, Nebraska, where he works as a farmhand. 
In his spare time he likes to repeatedly remove his underwear. *

Based on a CC-BY photo by James Bolger.

* None of the above is true, I don't know anything about this guy.

This is Adina Almén.


Trees have always been a bit of an enigma to me. Almost impossible to make them look good.

This one turned out alright though.

To make the foliage I modified the Tone Ink Splatter brush so that it doesn’t spread the dots as far, and added a little colour variation.

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Trying my hand at making game assets

Last one turned out to be a bit hard to read at small sizes.

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The eye looks really good. Nice

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There were eyelashes too, but it seems they got lost in the renering.

Based on a CC BY-SA photo by Maegan Tintari.


A beagle.

I’ve had a painting pause a few years and hardly drawn anything at all.

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