Codartx Artworks

The infinite page is lovely _

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some caracters in your sketches respond very harsh and critical on your artistic ambitions . like an evil interference .
if i look the pictures : a painter (boring guy?) , a painter drawn as a filthy octopus sefliing his painting , a painter selfiing his comicbook now wearing the mask of death , then a knight apeares to fight (for art ?).
the infinite page is cool , but does it keep every pixel in it , would be nice . if the picture gets too big , and too massy the machine is overload , causes delay (understandably). the former versions had faster respond to pencils move .greeting carypt

Each pict as a reason :

-Boring painter : just a test, no line or idea, that is the only pict without line.
-Selfing octopus + the other (not a mask of death, just the flash burn his face, it’s a joke) : draw it for a competition, a SF comic book ask a pict with a selfie.
-The knight : i draw Link because i like Zelda and a friend ask to me to draw it to print and buy it, same reason for the Jawa and SW
-Infinite page : i don’t understand what you talking about when you say “but does it keep every pixel in it” (i’m french, sorry for my english) ?

To be honnest : what you are talking about ? XD I’m drawing, that’s all, for me or orders, that’s my work, nothing else. :smiley:

“if the picture gets too big , and too massy the machine is overload , causes delay”

I’m testing the limit of my PC. That’s ok for the moment.

Ah, and for Kroenen and Mr Bison : i’m working for an exibithion and the theme is “Bad Guys Wins” so…

That’s realy strange when you talk about “an evil interference”…are you a mormon or some wierd christian ?

I’ve never encountered this problem. Could you take some screenshots of it so that we can see the difference?

(If you do, start a new thread about it.)

i knew it was too intimate to talk about , take it as my thoughts on it . sry , nothing personal .

i decided to work on 1 pixel widht pen to get the deepest resolution and did some detail lines , and then much zoomed out draw somewhere else again detailed , and as i came back it was different then . i will respond more detailed later

draw with a 1pix pen, i don’t really understand why, that’s pretty hard to make gradient but you work as you need/want. Actually i have orders and works because my style likes. So no reason to change it :smiley:

i did a bigger thread on the compression artifacts of zooming :

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Hop, share a background for linuxmint (captain obvious…).


And another one to celebrate the spring ! Sunshining, dancing, musicing !



The perspective looks a bit off on this one… I think his right hand should be bigger because it is closer to us.

yes maybe, i don’t really think about it ^^

Hi everyone ! I’m back with new pics ! MyPaint is awesome, i’m working on a project : Knights of the round table, inspired by a french tv show “Kaamelott”, speak about Arthurian Legend but with losers and bucket of jokes. Hope you like it. All works are made with mypaint and my intuos.

This Bohort to start :slight_smile: