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I know. I think sooner or later I’d have to make changes to the host program to experiment and right now I’m focusing my free time in learning art on my own before I can even make some decent use of the program :laughing:

Anyway, with my very limited skills in art I’m already having a great time with MyPaint, Krita and Gimp. Keep up the good work guys!



This is a great piece of work. What digital drawing pad do you use? Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! I use an Intous Pro medium. More importantly though I think the new color selector thingy I’m working on, and Scott Burns’ subtractive blending mode made this a lot easier. You can read a bit more at and hopefully we’ll get this stuff in MyPaint proper sorta soon :-D.


Here’s another extremely limited palette. This one is quicker, maybe an hour or two. Rake smudge brushes with subtractive blend mode and eleven smudge buckets. MyPaint rules.


What is subtractive blending?


This page has a lot of information:
I jammed Scott Burns’ algorithm into a MyPaint patch that I’ve been working on here:
The two main things is realistic “curved line” color blends, but almost more importantly it changes the way dark and light colors mix so that it is more “linear” and easier to get smooth gradations between colors without wild swings towards dark or light.


Hi briend,

I like the painterly look of the last one.

Which brushes are that, are they included in the standard sets?

Kind regards,


Thanks! I think I’ll go ahead and put my brush pack on the website even though a lot of the features I’m using are not available yet. I think they should be pretty functional if you are using an Alpha build of mypaint

Barbarian sketch

Thanks a lot, very useful! :slight_smile:


Those brushes are so cool, gonna try to make something with them tonight. Thanks for sharing briend!

2nd attempt:


Thanks @corumba! Do you have a tilting stylus? If not, you’ll want to erase the “custom” input on the “Angular Offset Side Asc” setting, and re-add the same input (custom) to the “Angular Offset Side” settings. I’m probably going to just maintain 2 versions of each brush, a basic version and a tilt version. The offset settings with “Asc” refers to the direction the stylus is tilting (like a compass), and offsets the dabs to the sides of that (default 90 degrees). Whereas without the “Asc” the offset happens in relation to the “direction” the cursor is moving.

Also, if you have performance issues, reduce the “dabs per xxx” settings slightly.


Yes, I’m using the tilt. I love the “8B pencil” for sketching (and how it ended up looking like a bic pen drawing in small sizes in the 2nd pic above :grinning:) and the halftone for some shading, they are great! I’m no artist but am looking forward to drawing something more elaborate with them.


haha awesome, thank you. Yeah I accidentally saved the color w/ the 8B pencil and left it blue, oops. I’ll fix that in the next release, but yeah it makes it look like a bic pen haha


NP it was a happy little accident :grinning:


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Couple quick sketches:



Very nice! This style is very attractive, Just looks like a painting.


Thanks! That’s my goal! Combining spectral rendering, rake brush, extra smudge buckets, and flexible color picking tools… it’s all coming together. Someday. . . :smiley:

I decided to try making a demo video. It’s very long and pretty boring, but it shows how the color selector thing works, and how the “paint” handles, etc:


Txs, Briend! That video is great. I went over it in big and small steps, returning to previous spots again and again. It shows me a lot!