Dodeqaa's mypaintings


Ah well, I should have tested it myself earlier, too. I was really hoping it would work! I’ll try to gather details and submit a bug report here:
but it could really take quite a long time to get the right eyeballs on it. GTK is a huge project with many many bugs already in the queue. Fortunately there is a dev that just recently submitted a patch for MacOS and I believe he is working on Windows issues too. I’m going to try to help him out if I can:

Sort of related. . . I spent the afternoon making this patch for MyPaint:

The patch is for pressure but could easily be extended for rotation, etc. Basically my thinking is if you are using a mouse or an unsupported device it is no fun to just have opacity slider and keyboard control since so many other settings might be controlled by pressure (smudge, etc). With this patch I can use a mouse and control the pressure via ctrl+s and ctrl+a and it’s really not as terrible as it sounds. :stuck_out_tongue: Ok it’s no replacement for a stylus but it makes using a mouse or totally unsupported tablet (MacOS) much better.

So, I wonder how useful it would be to adjust rotation via some keyboard shortcuts. . . it would certainly be slower than just twisting the pen. . . but maybe have it jump in 22.5 degree increments so you can quickly switch from broad to thin in 4 taps? (4x22.5=90). Maybe worth a shot?


Haha no worries I know the feels! Thanks for taking the time to get the ball rolling! I wish you both success.

The idea for controlling pressure input sounds great! I think it might even come in handy for styluses.
Also if you can do it for rotation I’m sure the folks with the regular styluses will find it super helpful. I’ve seen such requests before.


Please give it a spin!

It’s actually not that bad to control w/ the keyboard (this was just mouse+keyboard):


Hey @briend! Surely! Looks awesome, Imma get my mitts on it tonight!


@briend Apologies for the late reply! Had to firefight stuff at work.

Photo study of Oranges, think they look really happy :smiley:

The hotkeys work on the sliders but it seems to not change the orientation of the brush tip for some reason. You can see it as the beginning of this video.


Amazing work! I really like the textures you got going in there. For the rotation, I really don’t think you are using the special rotation brush pack:

You’ll notice immediately that the brush width does not follow the “direction” at all, so you’ll get thick and thin lines right away.
Great work!


I love being able to draw using this program again! I had to get a new computer my franken computer finally kicked off and to my surprise my pen and tablet started to work again. I have started catch up doing faces which is my ultimate favorite thing to draw.
I also love the artwork you guys and gals have been doing good job.


I find the program kicks me when I use the fine hair, this is my first attempt at getting reaquainted with it, I draw bigfoot a lot, or cave men so.