Email Notifications Temporarly Disabled

Just a heads up for you all, I had to disable email notifications temporary, cause we were reaching our free limit with mailgun. I don’t mind paying for the email, but I would like to find better pricing than what Mailgun provides. Plus I need to coordinate with @achadwick since the domain name is under his care. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know here.

Amazon SES is priced at 1$ per 10000 emails, or (as of writing) 62000 free emails/month when run from an ec2 instance. Apparently it can be trickier to set up than other offers, but I don’t know where the bar is.

If configurable, one could also maybe distribute the load using sendgrid’s 100 free emails/day, which could up the current cap by 30% (in theory, in practice it would be lower). Probably more trouble than it’s worth though.

I would not mind chipping in 10$ a year or so, for the convenience of email notifications.