Establish Default Keyboard Shortcuts

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And while this might sound as me being opposed to change for the sake of being opposed to change, I’m VERY used to hitting Ctrl+Shift+E for export and delete for delete. When I want to export, I’m zoomed out, taking a look at the image, relaxed, thinking in terms of filenames and such decisions. I can put my pinky on Ctrl and Shift, and hit E with my long finger. Delete on the other hand, I use all the time and in the quickness and graphical-thinking-mode of drawing. Love the whole Delete, Shift-Del, Ctrl-Del trifecta.


Don’t change
I want to leave z and x as undo and redo in mypaint. I hate ctrl z. Mypaint must be simple, i don’t want to break my hand with ctrl z. Wow, why i have x as redo? Hmm… Ok, i think that z and x best for undo and redo.
Also i’m using d and f for size of the brush.
R for color picking.
I think that default keybindings in mypaint are good. i like them.

Can be changed
Mirroring - i’m using button on my tablet, so it will be good if key for this actions are same as in other programs.
I’m using - and + on the numpad for zoom in and zoom out. So i’m not using ‘,’ and ‘.’ keybinding.

P.S. There are my proposal for quick undo and redo. I changed undo to Z, redo to X. Leaved C and Shift+C to color change. And used V to color history. But now there are no layer visibility keybinding. Hmm…


Is the possibility of remapping the keys possible to add?


You can already change the keys in the preferences.


Sadly for my reason above, I think MyPaint is going to stick to using Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y for Undo and Redo as default. However these are just defaults and can be changed in the Edit Preferences Window so they are not set in stone.

Okay I did make a couple of more changes after playing around with them. if no one has any suggestions by Wendsday, I’m going to lock down the list and begin implementing them. So by MyPaint 1.3.0, the default keyboard shortcuts will be different.

Just FYI I don’t have anything to use for the Z key so if any of you have a suggestion, let me know.


If you don’t know where to use z, then leave z for undo and redo for ctrl+y. Undo is one of the most usable actions. It must stay simple even if it have another combination. And maybe we can wait 2-3 months, maybe somebody else will tell his opinion.


That would only conflict with Photoshop and it’s weird Alt+Ctrl+Z behaviour for multiple undos.

@zb13y One issue with using one key for one action and a combination of keys for a second action related to the first one is the unintuitiveness of it, as well as how much you’ll have to stretch to hit Ctrl+Y due to your hand being homed in on z for undos.


Today is the last day before the Default keyboard shortcuts are locked in and we move on to the next phase. So if you guys have any more last suggestions, now is the time to state them. Especially if you want any of the Color Panels to have a shortcut key.


I think that ‘fast subset’ is the most important color changer to have a default shortcut for, which we do currently.

I’m against using Insert for the inking tool; I think that inserting new layers is a more prominent usage than the ink tool. Same reasoning as before: the current Ctrl+PageDown|Up makes it seem like inserting a new layer should be harder than inserting a new point, which seems dubious (almost everyone will add layers at some point, not everyone will even use the inking tool).

I think also that only one of ‘Insert painting layer (above | below) current layer’ should be shortcutted; Perhaps I am wrong, but I expect that most users want to insert layer above the current one 80+% of the time, and we would be more considerate of them to give them one shortcut and expect them to move the layer manually in the 20% case, than to give them two to remember (of which the second is likely to be hard to remember because of how rarely it is used)

Mysteriously, I agree with you : a (key, ctrl+other_key) combo for related actions is difficult to remember. Adjacent keys with the same modifier is best IMO (eg [z, a], or [ctrl+z, ctrl+a])

How does mypaint work?

Ok. I created new proposal.

Save brush to most recent shortcut key - I think here better to use Shift+Q (Scary function)
And if users use mostly D and F then V is better for fast subset.

Also i think that in MyPaint keybindings must be for blind usage with one hand, at least mostly used actions when user drawing. And i hope that you will leave Z and Y (however i think that keys for related actions must be close like Z and X) for undo and redo.


I’m going to take you suggestion of switching the ‘V’ and ‘C’ keys and just move the visible layer to the / key. It dose make sense and feels nicer with the index finder on QWERTY. I’m going to leave the restore brush key to Q just for the sake that I don’t want people to accidentally hit ctrl+Q instead.

I’m am going to leave the undo and redo functions as they are. The the default key for redo is Ctrl+Shift+Z but it is also hard coded to Ctrl+Y. So I don’t want to create more redundancy. Plus I don’t want to break UX standards for the sake of change.

With the X and Z key I’m assigning it to them Greyscale and normal filter for those who use greyscale to check their lighting on their image as per @achadwick suggestion of needing a key for them. In the future I think we should make those filters toggleable so we would only need to use one key in the future.

As it it now stands, the keys are locked as default for now. Don’t worry it’s not permanent, so we can take a look at this in the future.

@Sandra the spreadsheet is open to the public so you don’t need a google account to make an edit or comment on the document. So you could add your Dvorak keymap in. The same goes for everyone else who wants to suggest a different keymap for their keyboard layout. We can make them available to download via our wiki when they are ready.

Okay, on to the next phase.


Hm… Now i think that we can’t touch Z and Y. Reason is - QWERTY and QWERTZ. So if you want assign keys to greyscale - keys are Z and Y not X. This is something basic. Z and X ok, only if MyPaint default keyboard shortcuts will support only qwerty.


Yeah I’m mainly working with QWERTY keyboards right now. Like I said the spreadsheet is open to the public so you could add a column for any other keyboard layout if you want to. If we get enough, it may warrant to add an option in the preference windows for switching to other keyboards layouts. But Right now, I’m focusing on QWERTY.


V and C, I don’t use so I’m cool with that change.


New proposal.

I think that Delete, Home, End, Page Down and Page Up (maybe Insert too) are for layers. User will know that this keys for layers and using them will be intuitive. So locking layer with End. Moving on layers with Page Up and Page Down. Creating new layers with Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down. And Moving layers with Ctrl+Home (Ctrl+Up) and Ctrl+End (Ctrl+Down).
Maybe moving layers better with Ctrl+Page up and Ctrl+Page Down and creating with Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End. Hmm… i think this is better, user will know that all move actions for layers are binded to Page Up and Page Down, and Home and End are for some editing.


We should avoid Ctrl+Shift modifiers together. It switches keymaps on at least one OS/DE, which breaks use of the keyboard for particular users of non-Latin scripts.


You do realize that breaks a couple of UX standards shortcuts such as the Save As functions and Export functions. We probably need to talk to the Krita folks on how they combat this. Also Gnome Shell has these inputs switches keyboard shortcuts to Super+Space and Super+Shift+Space so maybe advise them to switch keyboard shortcuts to that for now.


EDIT(2/7/17): New Commit has been submitted. Ready for another round of review. Notes have been added to explain reason for the changes.

I’ve finally gotten around to applying the keybaord shortcuts from the Spreadsheet. Please review and let me know your thoughts.

Appimage for Linux


The new keybaord shortcuts are now added as of commit 61c6212

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