Hide cursor while on canvas (at all times)


The advantages to having this feature are particularly for those with drawing devices, even more specifically that display the image on the device. I also would like to see the feature implemented so when recording myself drawing the cursor does not clutter up the screen.

I have found the “hide cursor when drawing” to be little help, and possibly even more distracting because it is constantly popping on and off every line.

What will be the challenges to adding this feature?
Possibly I read on github this would require a UI change…not sure about any of coding behind these things, sorry.

Krita has such a feature

I have seen this idea mentioned



Sounds pretty reasonable, especially if you have a touch screen or otherwise drawing on a screen. I just played around with the hide option, and I can see how it can be annoying for quick hatching strokes. I would suggest we create one more option to totally hide the cursor while it is on the canvas. I think we still want to show the cursor for file menus and other non-canvas stuff, right?

I’m also wondering if we could add a delay to the current hide-while-drawing feature, so that quick strokes do not show the strobe-like reappearance of the cursor. When you’re drawing quick strokes you really are not using the cursor as a reference at all, it is more muscle-memory or something. I think waiting one second after the end of the stroke might be enough to help quite a bit.