Huion H950P Tablet Issue


Description of the Problem, or Question?

I have just signed up as I am having similar issue to another post but it for a different tablet version so created my own post here.

Just purchased Huion H950P last Friday. Installed drivers, downloaded 14.5 and was successfully using MyPaint that night. Under devices the Huion tablet showed up and I have about 3-4 hours of use.

As this tablet is meant to work with Tilt, I thought I would try find out what programs would work and unknown if MyPaint supports it. Found out a Firmware upgrade is required for the Tablet and found the download for it. The firmware did not work for me. Then the Huion application had an update which I downloaded 14.7.x. Since then MyPaint closes as soon as I try to draw. Mouse works fine but Tablet closes MyPaint.

I found an old article in 2016 where someone had a similar issue and there were instructions on how to resolve but I can find that article again (I didn’t note the link).

I have contracted Huion and they send me an updated Firmware patch but this has not resolved MyPaint issue. I have uninstalled reinstalled Huion drivers and MyPaint. Even tried the stand alone version. Downloaded and installed both onto my laptop which I have not used either. Same issue still applys.

I had not downloaded GIMP so did that. Tablet did not immediatly work. Found under devices only Aggregated Device is available which is also what shows in MyPaint. But in Gimp I was able to add the HUION tablet and erasor which allowed me to use my Tablet. MyPaint does not have this feature.

So I have created an account and logged in here to post this issue as I have not found a solution.

From the little use I had of MyPaint I really enjoyed it and want to get back into it.

Can someone please point me in the right direction. Is there anything I can do to get this working again?

I will also try this Alpha version that has been listed.

Update: alpha does same. It actually doesn’t even load.

Update 2: new driver released for Huion 14.7.6. Did not resolve.

I have Corel Essential Painter 6 and it works fine, even with Tilt. I will use that in the interim but I would still really like to use MyPaint. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Basic System Details

Intel i5-2600k 4.2Ghz, 16GB, 512GB SSD

MyPaint version: 1.2.1
OS: Windows 10 Pro 1803
Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet: Huion H950P

Please Tell Us How to Reproduce the Problem in Steps.

Open program. Mouse draws. Goto use pen and MyPaint closes.


Can you try the latest build here?