Introduce Yourself

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Hi, I’m Henrik. I’m a fine artist MFA from Sweden. I love MyPaint! I also love Krita, Grafx2, Aseprite among other digital painting software. Like someone else also mentioned, I’ve taken a liking to open source software lately. Other favorite projects include Blender, Natron, Olive, etc. I think open source software, with a great community and appropriately sized developer team has a much greater, or at least equal, potential for success compared to commercial software. I started using MyPaint late 2019, a while after getting a Windows PC, when I abandoned my 20+ years strictly Apple-only attitude. The things I like about MyPaint are that it opens fast, has a fast drawing engine (no lag issues, at least when drawing with fine lines), simple and well-organized UI. Since I’m quite new with the software and just registered here on this forum, I’m sure there’s a lot more I’ll be able to say about it in the future. Have a nice one! ~ Henrik