Just when i thought mypaint was dead


Was searching for some new, a autodesk sketchbook pro 'ish software for my ubuntu deep down the web with no hope of finding one in the near future, clicked on mypaint website to a surprise. I have a out of this world feeling right now, though i use krita and gimp, this feather weight software has been my goto to make some sketches real quick with no flaws. I dont know what i am typing right now. Though the new update wont be much and it’s going to be the same base lib/brush tool forever,maybe improved, having some features added every now and then just kinda boosts my energy for any app.


Welcome to the club son! For years, I have been using mypaint from a Linux mint live disk on a Fujitsu laptop with a broken hardrive. I pretty much to this day use the same default brush set . Even though I have a cintiq and good PC now. Maybe mypaint could use more features. But there’s also much to be said about a bare bones approach.