My artworks

Hello, this is one of my latest artworks I made using MyPaint (for the character mostly), I use it in combination with Gimp and Blender which are also very well known freeware I use to make this kind of artworks

Little description: well, this is supposed to be the “Revived from Self-Crucifixion” form of Walter Sullivan (whoever played Silent Hill 4 should know the character). I usually make fan-art when I’m really inspired and lately SH4 was a great game to play and the character of Walter Sullivan (sort of serial killer freak) was extremely interesting to make. The game series itself is a great source of inspiration because it’s about parallel world with nightmares and stuff. This is an a-typical pieces of mine, because I usually make fighting games fan-art (so no people beating each other this time, just one mad freak in its own psychological hell :smiley: ).

I can’t post more than one, for the rest you can see them at my site: , almost all of them are made with MyPaint + pencil + Gimp + Blender or even Inkscape where vector work was necessary… so all “freeware-based” work.
I hope you like them and, obviously, any feedback/comment/inspirational idea is welcome (kinda lacking of them lately…) ! :slight_smile:

New fan-artwork just made!

Obviously, also this artwork has required the use of MyPaint (on the character), but also Gimp and Blender and Inkscape were used.
It’s inspired by the 1986 Jaleco’s game “Momoko 120%” … with a horror twist.
Hope you guys like it (even if it feels quite quiet in here… ) !

That’s a very cool image (despite the fire). My one criticism would be that the character itself feels very static (I don’t get a sense of movement when I’m looking at it)

And yes, the forums are generally not high-volume in terms of posts. Part of that is probably down to email notifications being a bit flaky sometimes.

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thanks for your comment :slight_smile:yes, the feeling of static may be due to the front camera/view of the scene. I was just presenting a character so I didn’t want her to do anytthing else than just “being there” :smiley:

New artwork:

He was supposed to be a full artwork (full painting) but in the end the character didn’t inspire me enough so I left it sketchy as it is (pencil drawing, scanned then painted over on MyPaint, slightly enhanced with Gimp).
He’s name Charlie, after the game “Circus Charlie”, a “horrorization” of the Konami’s char
I also made a stage but I won’t post it as it didn’t require the use of MyPaint.

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Your backgrounds can be a bit busy, so I like this image. It’s cleaner and more focused on the character.

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