MyPaint Ate My Artwork

OK, I went to save my work again, but the save menu was garbled, covered in other stuff. Some could be revealed by mousing over it. Instead of saving my work though, I only got .tmpsave.Evelyn Dorthy Martins.ora, which, being only 130 bytes, clearly wasn’t my artwork. I tried F7 to save a scrap, but that only made .tmpsave.scrap049_a, which also wasn’t my artwork. I restarted in the hopes an autosave would at least have most of it, but the only autosave for the picture was over a DAY old, so basically useless. What in hell happened? Is there ANY way to recover my picture? I’ve been using MyPaint for years, and this is the first time this has happened.

MyPaint 2.0.1

Windows 10 19043.1237
Wacom Intuos BT M

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