New participant

Hello - long time user, and promoter of MyPaint, out there in the wild - first time posting.
This is just me sharing art struggle (we all always want to be better), and a thanks to the producers of Mypaint. Still the best go to and get it done paint program out there - IMHO. I do mix it with other programs for more brush variety, and or adjusting when working on more then one machine (calibrating color). But even then - I always take it back to MyPaint 96% of the time. I attached a recent practice piece - which is Mypaint only. My first full multi person scene. I also have seldom painted horses so added bonus challenge. The figures are drawn and rendered off the top of my head - anatomy studies challenge. Only referencing was a google look up of horses. I looked at the thumbnails to re-familiarize with general horse geometry. I don’t seem to fit a style group (Animae, Comic Book / Marvel, Frazetta style impressionism, or the photo realism of those using models for photo shoots, etc.), but grew up looking at a mish mash of the aforementioned, and classic art from Pre Raphaelite era. I had to compromise a bit - but don’t we all :slight_smile:



Awesome! Very nice mood and dynamics. It has that feel of 70’s action comic cover art (the non-superhero kind). I especially like the hue shifts in the metal head gear.