Popolon - MyPaint Artwork, animations

Hi all, I’m an early user of MyPaint, after my broken blog, since July 2006.it was probably 0.4 at this time (as I updated about undo added on 0.5 ^^. No layers at this time.

I didn’t really used graphics tools during several years, but I come back and will try to use them as much I can.

This is a recent sketch I made on MyPaint, after photograph work of Kenyan Jonathan Mburugu


I am currently made some try with Pencil2D a free software animation workstation, there is a work in progress about including libmypaint with it.

Here is the first animation I made with Pencil2D + libMyPaint

Feel free to add anything I post in MyPaint Gallery.


I like these images and the animation.

And I can’t believe you’re still using Irix! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you, no, I was using FVWM on Linux in 2006 (time of this screen capture, just to remember how was MyPaint at this time. :).

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did you use an apple pen? or a mouse, mousepad, or touchscreen?

How do you draw on this app? Also, that is so good. I love all the texture and detail put into this peice!

I use an Huion graphic tablet on GNU/Linux system

with graphic tablet but can be done with any input devices. On Linux there is a mapper between an Android tablet and X11 display used on Linux, The daemon on Linux is called GFXTablet / NetworkTablet, and the daemon on Android part is , it work like a graphics tablet, I used it a little , but I have a good Huion graphic tablet now.

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