RGB Color codes arrangements


Hello to everyone who read this thing.
First of all I agonized long time to choose the best category about my topic.
And yeah, I chose here.
This is the project of my school that I have to contribute something to ‘open source project’.
(Honestly I study programming, but not good at it…)
So uploading RGB color codes will be better than spoil ‘My Paint’.
These arrangements are for people who are hard to find the right color for their works.
Pictures in the arrangements are from my album. I chose 4 main colors in pictures and wrote about the RGB number and codes.
So… Hope you enjoy it :smile:
(I will add more pictures after free from new user…)



Thanks for contributing! Palettes-from-an-image is something that interests me. I’ve done a little research and using a technique called kmeans clustering seems to be a good way to generate these programmatically. Take a look at this project:

It’s only 42 lines of code so it might be a good example for you to study programming. Eventually I’d like to add a little docker window to MyPaint that shows these palettes based on the current painting (Krita has something similar to this). It would also be cool to be able to import a palette from an image straight from the palette editor. So instead of opening a GPL palette file, you could open a JPG, etc. You could pass the number of palette slots from the editor straight to the palletize code above to automatically fill your palette with the given number of colors.