Some Arts!


This is my character james for a NSFW comic idea called Basilisk.
It’s pretty much free handed all the way threw. Didn’t even really use shape tools except for the buttons. Done on a Wacom cintiq 12wx!

Also here an older video of my process. Though I did coloring in Krita for this one.

I actually just straight up recorded the Navigation pane when I was inking in mypaint.


Sweet linework Boggy!


Great art~ Just a question: What made you choose to thicken the line around the tip of (what I’m assuming is) her walkie-talkie?


I sorta shooped the line art from some concept art I did for the walkie months ago. I’ve had this character in mind for ages, I just didn’t know what he would look exactly like. I just happened to have the right angle I wanted. But I happened to draw the radio with two sizes of brush. So it doesn’t exactly match. I kept it that way rather the ruin it more ;D. Plus the antenna is supposed to be black rubberized plastic. So it may add some countour, I dunno…


Whoa that is some good line art~ I thought it had something to do with being closer to the foreground but whatever, looks good either way.