Suggestions for the first art challenge?

Does anyone have any suggestions for the December/January art challenge yet, or know when it might be held? I’m not sure whether we have enough time for an end-December one, and everyone may be a little busy. MyPaint’s v1.2.0 release is very lightly pencilled in for the end of this month too, so it might coincide with the first art challenge in a very loose sense :grinning:

Maybe something that is may center around new years resolution or at least mocking it? Or maybe creating a mascot for MyPaint. :joy:

Wow, so many possibilities! Here are a few ideas:

  • It would be cool to do a mashup of GNU-licensed software mascots. Maybe draw them as your favorite team of superheroes.
  • How about illustrations of what we envision MyPaint to look like in 20 years?
  • Maybe a developer-artist duo contest, where a developer finds a piece of code from the MyPaint codebase that they can explain that they think could be depicted/embodied as either a character, a comic strip or other painting subject, and they can either find an artist to illustrate/paint it or post the description somewhere for an artist to find them, and best dev-artist collaboration wins, or we could judge each part separately, or whatever. For example, seems to be a collection of functions that load/save pixel buffers to the screen, kind of like a dj switches records between his turntable and his record collection. A developer could post a description of a “DJ” switching out pixel buffers like records, and a turntable projecting a painted image, and an artist who likes the idea could then choose it and paint it. “Their” submission to the contest would be the painting and any accompanying description if needed.

My proposal would be to keep it simple and a theme very easy to communicate ; a challenge about a specific animal ( eg. the turtle, the red fish, the mouse, the penguin…etc… ) with two or three photo references on the challenge page ( eg. from Wikimedia ) .

Since it’s for December/January, maybe a winter theme? :snowflake:

Or perhaps using the symmetry tool? Doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, the two sides can even be opposites (good and evil, night and day etc).

If I may, I think it should be something to welcome the new year. Like maybe a best 2016 wallpaper created in MyPaint, maybe ?

Yeah, I’m thinking along the lines of @davidrevoy to keep it simple since it not entirely clear when MyPaint 1.2 will be released.

By the looks of it we can do a mixture of a New Years resolution theme an animals as the character? Kinda like an illustration for a Children’s book. What animals come to mind when you think of New Years Resolution?