Toniw's paintings

A quick still life painting using the improved smudge brush settings discussed here: Smudge Tweaks testers needed. There is also a short process video:


Nice job! Curious; are you using smudge subtractive, smudge pow, and smudge spectral here?

Thanks! So far I did not use those settings. What is a good recommendation for those 3 to simulate pigment/natural paint? I have to admit I do not yet fully understand the mechanics behind those values but I’ll use them next time :full_moon_with_face:

I’ve been setting pretty much all the brushes in my brush pack to: smudge_spectral=1.0, smudge_pow=2.4, smudge_subtractive=1.0. This gives you a realistic paint mode. I also generally keep opacity at 100% and instead of pressure–>opacity, I map pressure to the “smudge” setting so that light pressure == 100% smudge and hard pressure == 0% smudge. In a way, the “smudge” setting IS an opacity setting :slight_smile:


This is amazing! Do you got a making of ?

thanks! no, it was just a spontaneous painting using a (bad) photo I took some years ago as a reference:

Awesome job and a great example of how a painting can improve upon a photograph :grin:

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Wonderful and really helpful for a beginner like me! … It seems i missed your other videos on Vimeo, so i’ve started to watch them all, and learn from them.

Thanks a lot for sharing! :pray:

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This time using the new pigment mode!