Wanted: artwork for the new mypaint.org page!

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Hey! I’m working on the design and template of the mypaint.org website. It’s coming along here: http://www.daiyi.co/mypaint.github.io/

See that big blue box at the top? I’d like to feature a piece of art by one of you there! It will be credited right below where it sits on the page.


  • HD: at least 1920px wide
  • but also short enough to fit the viewport, probably between 400px and 700px high
  • composed in such a way that the links at the top and the headline text are legible. Examples of how this can be done is monotone, high saturation or low saturation. Test it out by adding text to your picture and seeing if you can find any colour in which the text can be readable.
  • made with mypaint

That’s about it! You can either go full splash image (example: https://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator.html) or make a more context-aware composition (example: my site! daiyi.co)

Thanks for your time \o/ Send me your drawings! <3


A question (Since I didn’t see anyone)… Have MyPaint an oficial mascot or something like that o0?..


MyPaint-tan seems to be our unofficial mascot. I’m currently working on some reference sheets of her that will incorporate some of the ideas from those artist.


To clarify, there’s no need to incorporate the mascot of logo. We just want to showcase some user art!


Thanks to both of you ^^…

I was thinking on work adding the mascot as part of illustration (Since Im used to that, usually ^^)…

I think I can continue over my original idea, then =3…


Hi, at Estudio Nexos we have been working with Free Open Source design tools since Sodipodi days.

This is something we have done for Antique and Secondhand Bookshops Association at our region (Castille and Leon, Spain) with MyPaint, Inkscape and Scribus. Main art with MyPaint:

If you need some help understanding article do not hesitate and ask.

Thanks for such a great software.